Yes, You Have the Time. Managing Social Media as a Commercial Real Estate Broker

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If you ever talk to a commercial real estate Broker about social media, they typically always say the same thing, “I realize social media is important for my business, but I don’t have the time to deal with it.” Listen, we get it…trust as. As a commercial real estate firm we understand the many, many responsibilities of a Broker.

Not only are you focused on diligently serving the needs of your clients and their assets, but also maintaining and building your business line. Commercial real estate Brokers wear many of hats, and often it seems there aren’t enough hours in the day. So, when are you going to fit in social media?

managing social media as a commercial real estate brokerWe have a very simple answer for you: You just do it. While most Brokers realize the importance of social media, they have incorrectly attached the stigma that it’s going to take a lot of time out of their day. The real truth is that you can successfully use social media to your benefit, whether marketing your listings or yourself, in just thirty minutes a day.

Below we outline how any commercial real estate Broker can easily and efficiently manage their social media. By doing a little legwork in the beginning to get the system in place, any Broker can handle social media like a pro. If you have questions, or tips you want to share, please leave them in the comment section at the end of the article.

Social Media Management Rule 1: Schedule

The first key to efficiently managing social media as a commercial real estate Broker is the set it and forget method, i.e. scheduling your posts in advance. Even more efficient is scheduling them in advance across multiple social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). This is done through a social media management dashboard. Good news too, our favorite dashboard Hootsuite is also free! (With the free version you can link up to 3 social networking accounts).

Rather than spending 10 minutes on one post on one platform, in Hootsuite you can write and schedule an entire days worth of social media (two to four posts) in the same amount of time. Once Broker’s get comfortable with it most end up scheduling posts for days even weeks in advance.

Pro Tip: Take the guesswork out of when to publish by using Hootsuite’s “auto-schedule” function, which chooses the most optimal posting time to earn you the most engagement on your posts.

Social Media Management Rule 2: Content Curation

Taking the efficiency up a notch is our next tip for managing social media, content curation. A large time consumer in social media management is scouring the Internet to locate news, articles, photos or videos (content) that you want to share. By using a content curation platform you save yourself the time of searching and have an algorithm do all the work for you!

Save yourself time by using a content curation platform. Click To Tweet

While there are many options, one of our favorites is By signing up for a (once again free) account and entering in a few keywords related to the content you want to share, will feed you content from millions of sources around the web. For example, if you’re wanting content about Commercial Real Estate, you would enter “CRE, commercial real estate, commercial news, CRE news, CRE trends, commercial real estate trends” etc.  Then aggregates all of those stories, allowing you to pick what looks interesting and then publish it across your social platforms.

Pro Tip: Filter content by specific type (articles, documents, videos, pictures). This allows you to keep your content fresh and varied, boosting engagement.

Social Media Management Rule 3: Sort to Engage

There are two main components to being successful in social media: Posting (what you publish) and Engaging (what others publish). We’ve discussed tips in posting above, now we will discuss how to efficiently engage on social media.

Engagement is how you interact with others on social media, so it includes liking, retweeting/sharing and commenting on published content. In order to spend your time wisely in this endeavor it’s critical that you first sort your audience, or you can quickly go down a social rabbit hole. Much like searching for the best content to post, this type of sorting means finding the people or businesses that you want to market or talk to on social media and putting their posts all in one location.

In Twitter this means creating Lists, in Facebook this means creating Favorites and in LinkedIn this means joining Groups. While the set up may take a little time, once the research work is done and you sort your preferred audience, engagement will be a snap.

Pro Tip: Twitter Lists can be public or private; most make their lists public. Find another commercial real estate Broker or company similar to your business and see what lists they have created. You can then follow and sort those individuals into your own lists, saving you the research time.

Social Media Management Made Easy

Hopefully by now you can see how by utilizing free platforms to schedule and find content, and spending some initial time on research, you too can become a highly efficient and engaged commercial real estate Broker on social media. Good luck and happy posting!

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