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For any #CRE firm or Broker to be successful in today’s commercial real estate industry it’s crucial to adopt and utilize new technologies. From programs that improve business efficiency to listing apps that follow a user as they go, there are so many ways to exploit technology to your NOI gain. Our new favorite technology here at Rosano Partners? Drones.

Drones for CREWhile the use of drones is nothing new in real estate marketing, recent changes to the Federal Aviation Administration flight rules and a slew of affordable drone models hitting the open market have put its popularity at peak level. Drone use is currently on the tipping point of widespread industry adoption, so the time for you to adopt is now.

With new technology platforms being introduced every day, it’s clear to see that drones can offer so much more than marketing videos. Below we outline the ways we at Rosano Partners have been utilizing drone technology and share some of what we’ve learned. If you have any questions or thoughts about what you read, please leave them in the comment section below.

Using Drones to Create 3D Maps and Models

Drones capture images at very high resolution compared to aerial survey and satellites. For low level flights an individual pixel could be measuring an area as small as one inch square or less; many times more accurate than other sources.

3D and 2D Maps

Using only still imagery and GPS data, analysis software like DroneDeploy, which we use at Rosano Partners, can stitch the photos together to produce full color, photo realistic 3D datasets that provide immersive visualization and powerful analytics.

A user will get a video game-like visualization experience that allows the viewer to fly around the model, exploring any part of it from any angle and the ability to measure any part of it.

The same data also produces 2D maps that can be superimposed on existing views, allowing organizations and individuals to get the most up-to-date and accurate view of the real world on demand.

3D Models

This same data can be used to create 3D printed property or topographical models. At Rosano Partners we use software called Whiteclouds that takes drone-captured and GIS topographical data and turns it into high quality, color 3D prints.

Drone Use in Business Operations

Beyond images, video and models, commercial real estate professionals can use drones for business operations. Recently The Business Journals posted an article on the “5 ways drones are changing real estate”.

In this article author Helen Thompson lists the many ways the #CRE industry can exploit the use of drones. These include:

Site Planning and Surveys

Drones cover more ground, are faster due to internal processors and can even detect hidden landscape features that may be obstructed from plain sight.

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Property Inspections

Using drones is a safer option and can also be used to perform site and property inspections on remote or hard to access properties.

Security and Protection

More consistent than human or electronic security counterparts, drones provide unprecedented access that is consistent and can be performed any time, any day, for any amount of time, in any weather.

Indoor Use

Now that drones are equipped with thermal cameras, change detection, volumetric monitoring and surveying systems they any number of possible applications.

Drone technology is still developing

The full impact of drone use in commercial real estate still remains to be seen. As adoption increases and drone and software technology develops, there is no telling how much this useful innovation could change the game.  At Rosano Partners we are still exploring all the ways drone technology can be used to help grow #CRE business and increase clients returns. To follow as we adopt this and new #CRE technologies, check out our Research Site.


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