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We curate ideas and inspirations.  We are looking to create the next leaders in the commercial real estate business.

Rosano Partners Uniqueness The Rosano Partners suite of integrated services that create a unique value offering to our clients. We are achieving their goals and helping them to set the right goals. We hire the people that we like and that is a huge difference between us and many of our competitors. We asked the following questions when we started the company:

1. What weakness could our company exploit?

Real estate companies are not serving minorities in the best way. Commercial brokers don’t cooperate with each other. Brokers use old technologies that are not very effective. We put a huge effort in developing technological solutions that are effective and accritive.  We make it fun.

2. How do we differ from other companies?

How we treat each other is very unique.  We work together and don’t compete with each other internally. We constantly talk to each other.  It’s safe to talk to each other and connect with each other.

Rosano Partners

Rosano Partners is a full-service commercial real estate firm serving the Greater Los Angeles area since 2006. We offer several brokerage and property management services for our clients. Give us a call today!

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