How to Promote Your #CRE Business on Social Media (Part 1: Instagram)

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Here are two things we all can agree on: (i) Social media platforms aren’t going anywhere and (ii) its use extends far beyond individuals simply being social. Social media use by businesses and brands has been steadily growing over the past decade, and the billions of dollars spent annually on advertising across these platforms proves this marketing tactic is here to stay.

Across the globe business are utilizing the immense power of social media to promote their services, and if you are in commercial real estate it’s definitely time you do the same for your #CRE business. Through the strategic use of social media #CRE firms and individual Brokers can dramatically expand their business, increase their visibility and grow their customer base. All roads that lead to one place…the promise land of profits.

To help establish the social media presence of your #CRE business, or to strengthen current efforts, we at Rosano Partners have created a four-part series dedicated solely to social media marketing. Over the next few weeks we will share our best tips and resources for using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram to promote your #CRE business. Make sure to follow our blog so you don’t miss out!

Using Instagram to Promote Your #CRE Business

In today’s article we will focus on how to best use Instagram to promote your #CRE business. As a #CRE firm Instagram is one of our favorite platforms for a very important reason – it’s simple, easy to use and (best of all) is not a time drain.

Unlike its Facebook and LinkedIn counterparts, Instagram is a very straightforward social media platform with limited functionality, but tons of potential. Utilizing the K.I.S.S. method, functionality is confined to a profile with basic, limited information and the ability to post images.

Set-up on Instagram is easy and using it is even easier, so throw out those “I have no idea what I am doing on social media” thoughts and keep reading for some specific ways to take your #CRE marketing to the next level.

#CRE Marketing Capabilities on Instagram

From promoting listings to introducing new services to announcing common area maintenance projects, Instagram is a fantastic way to market your #CRE business. Here we share how to set up a Business Profile and share our tips for utilizing the newest functionalities recently added to the Instagram platform.

Instagram Business Profile

Seeing the increased use of its platform by businesses and brands, in May of 2016 Instagram rolled out Business Profiles. This is basically their version of a Facebook Business Page. There are three main differences between these profiles and a normal Instagram account:

* Business Profiles have a button that customers can click to contact you or your #CRE business. (Users have the option to call, text or email.)Social Media on Computer

* Business Profiles provide access to post analytics (By offering impression insights that rate post performance you can hone in on what is working for your customers, and what isn’t. This allows for stronger, targeted marketing.)

* Business Profiles allow users to buy ads directly within Instagram’s app. (Simply take a post that is performing well, insert a call-to-action button and you’re done! Keeping this advertising functionality in the app makes it super, super easy to set up ads, i.e. yes, you actually can do it.)

Setting up a business profile is quite easy, but to take out any confusion Instagram has offered up this straightforward and user-friendly video to show you how.

Instagram Carousel

In February of this year Instagram rolled out Carousel, a cool new feature that seems tailor-made for a #CRE business or Broker. Instead of only being able to share one image, Instagram’s Carousel feature now allows users to share up 10 photos and videos in a single post.

For #CRE marketers this can be a powerful tool for engaging customers and increasing sales, especially for marketing property listings. While the possibilities are endless, here are some of our favorite ways to use the feature:

* Marketing a single property by providing multiple photos or videos (think virtual tours).

* Showcasing multiple properties in a single MSA, district or by product type, or marketing property portfolios.

* Highlighting one or multiple services using each image to explain your distinct offering (investment sales, property management, leasing, tenant representation, etc.)

* Excellent use for tenant communications, providing info on upcoming events or construction projects. It can even be used as a tutorial for any new programs that are being introduced.

* A great tool to introduce new team members or to provide an “About Me”, laying out skills and background information in a slide format.

Want a step-by-step guide on how to use this new feature? Check out this article from our friends at Social Media Examiner.

Want to explore Instagram’s benefits for your #CRE business?

If you want more information on how to get started, how to set up ads or how to use various features, visit the Instagram Business page. Here you will find tons of fantastic resources to drive you towards social media superstardom.

For more information on #CRE tech, research and commercial real estate best practices, make sure to follow our Rosano Partners blog. We recognize that social media and technology are important elements to running a successful #CRE business and want to share our knowledge with you. Now, go get social!

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