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Want to Become a Commercial Real Estate Agent? Here’s How.

There are many reasons why an individual would want to start a career as a commercial real estate Agent. Not only is the commerical real estate industry fast-paced and exciting, this career path offers high flexibility and the potential to earn a lot of money. No matter your reasons, becoming a commercial real estate Agent can be a rewarding and fruitful career that is sustainable through both high and low economic periods. So, how do you get started? Below we provide information on the steps, requirements, and career options when becoming a commercial real estate Agent. Commercial Real Estate Agent... read more

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The Importance of Training as a New Commercial Real Estate Broker

Starting a new career as a commercial real estate Broker is an exciting, but also stressful time. Whether you are new to the business, or... read more

The Founder’s Notes on the Healthcare Industry – From the Archives

Here are some notes about real estate development from an event consisting of developers and tenant advocates: Current leaders in Southern California are resisting the... read more

Retail Investment State of the Market

Retail development at top levels, the type that Oliver McMillan is doing, is focused on the design and the feeling it creates with users. Retail... read more

2016 “Best Places to Work in Los Angeles”

Thank you so much to Los Angeles Business Journal for nominating Rosano Partners as one of the best places to work in Los Angeles. We... read more

Rosano Partners Platform Uniqueness

We curate ideas and inspirations.  We are looking to create the next leaders in the commercial real estate business. The Rosano Partners suite of integrated... read more