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5 #CRE Tech Tools to Push Your Production to the Next Level

All successful #CRE Brokers are multitaskers who wear many hats, from prospector to dealmaker to chauffeur. Unless you are an established Broker who has a team in place to support those long and varied to-do lists, all that responsibility will fall on your shoulders. So how do you stay on top of everything and also attempt to grow your business? Seeing real success in commercial real estate goes beyond multitasking, to realize increased production and profits the key is efficiency. Good thing it’s 2017 and there are so many #CRE tech tools on the market that can help achieve your... read more

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How to Promote Your #CRE Business on Social Media (Part 1: Instagram)

Here are two things we all can agree on: (i) Social media platforms aren’t going anywhere and (ii) its use extends far beyond individuals simply... read more

Technology Pioneer Rosano Partners Exploits Drones for #CRE Use

For any #CRE firm or Broker to be successful in today’s commercial real estate industry it’s crucial to adopt and utilize new technologies. From programs... read more