5 #CRE Tech Tools to Push Your Production to the Next Level

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All successful #CRE Brokers are multitaskers who wear many hats, from prospector to dealmaker to chauffeur. Unless you are an established Broker who has a team in place to support those long and varied to-do lists, all that responsibility will fall on your shoulders.

So how do you stay on top of everything and also attempt to grow your business? Seeing real success in commercial real estate goes beyond multitasking, to realize increased production and profits the key is efficiency. Good thing it’s 2017 and there are so many #CRE tech tools on the market that can help achieve your goals.

To increase market share, profitability and performance we’ve picked our favorite #CRE tech tools that every Broker should be using.


How many times as a #CRE Broker have you gone down an Internet rabbit hole attempting to find the ‘real’ owner of a property? With ProspectNow you will turn those hours of searching into mere moments. The platform tracks over 100 million properties nationwide and provides detailed property information including phone numbers, building information and over 30 million commercial tenants.

#CRE broker stopwatchIt even uses predictive analytics to take your prospecting to the next level of efficiency, helping you find owners who are most likely to list in the next 12 months. This keeps you focused on the best opportunities for new business, not the empty ones.

Cost: Free trial. After that plans start $89 a month per user for one county and additional counties are $10/mo. Bulk plans are also available that grant nationwide access at discounted rates.


#CRE Brokers often spend more time behind the wheel than they do behind a desk. From numerous meetings to showings, a large portion of your day is easily spent commuting from point A to point B. While you can’t control the traffic, you can try to outsmart it.

To help decrease the amount of time and gas spent getting to where you need, there is the Waze app. Waze provides real-time traffic and navigation alerts including updates from other users who want to help you avoid the jam they just sat through.

Cost: Free


Instead of driving from meeting to meeting, what if you saved yourself the travel time and held it from the comfort of…well, wherever you are at the time? Since #CRE Brokers are typically pulled in a million directions, and often times work remotely, connecting is most efficient when done online. These days all you need is a smart device (phone or laptop) and a Wi-Fi connection.

Join.me is our favorite platform to conduct remote meetings. Especially great for Broker training and sales presentations, Join.me features include computer screen sharing, meeting recording for playback, sharing or reference at a later date, and even allows up to 250 participants (with the Pro account).

Cost: Free for a basic account. $18 a month for a Pro account. $30 a month for a Business account.


Whether you are in a meeting, a showing, or in the middle of a listing presentation, no #CRE Broker can answer every call the moment it comes through. Yes you have a voicemail, but that’s so 1990’s. Take your business phone system up a few notches with BetterVoice.

This versatile phone system does so much you will wonder how you survived without it thus far. Features include:

* Customized voicemail greetings based on who is calling

* Forward calls to designated team member when you are unable to answer

* Send callers automatic text messages, with custom URLs

* Automatically creates new CRM contacts

* Transcribed voicemails sent via text or email

Cost: $20 per month, per user with no contracts. Bulk pricing available for 10 or more users.

Giroptic iO

Photos used to be enough to illustrate a #CRE listing. Then videos became the norm. Then at a certain point that became old-fashioned and virtual tours became the only acceptable to way to ‘see’ a listing remotely.

In commercial real estate we’ve had to rely on costly equipment or vendors to create virtual property tours…but not anymore. The brand, spanking new Giroptix iO is here to save the day. It is a 360-camera that attaches to your iPhone allowing you to easily take stunning 3D photos, videos and live streamed videos. It’s easy to use, portable and delivers quality virtual tours at a fraction of the time/cost.

Cost: $249. 

Want to take your #CRE business to the next level?

At Rosano Partners we have a thirst for learning, adapting, and growing. A big part of that is being on#CRE broker productivity the forefront of the latest #CRE tech tools that not only shape our industry, but the productivity of our agents.

We specialize in utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and systems to give our team the advantage. We’ve integrated with systems to develop a faster, smarter, and more efficient solution to commercial real estate. Our systems are designed to streamline our daunting administrative tasks to create more face-to-face with our clients. Contact us to find out more information.

Rosano Partners

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