Rosano Partners is proud to provide full-service commercial real estate services to the Greater Los Angeles area. The company opened its doors in 2006 with a passion for delivering brokerage and property management services to the

Sagiv Rosano

Sagiv Rosano | Founder & President

underserved markets. Rosano Partners has seen tremendous growth and success. This is partially because of their outstanding results, supportive team environment, diversity and a strong focus to embrace and leverage the power of emerging technology.

Rosano Partners has developed a brokerage that thrives on diversity. This has enabled the company to reach minorities in a way that may be challenging to most other commercial real estate companies. Rosano is fortunate to represent and assist those in the community in a variety of ways. The company represents multiple ethnicities, life-styles, neighborhoods and 13 different languages. As a result of company growth, Rosano Partners established its headquarters at the BLOC. This was done to take advantage of the revitalization of the Los Angeles downtown area. This is an exciting era for this growing company and also for the thriving and diverse city they call their home.


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After developing his credibility and experience as an investment banker and commercial real estate professional, Sagiv Rosano wanted to develop his own commercial brokerage. Rosano was determined to differentiate himself from the usual commercial real estate company by specializing more on having a well developed team. Rosano wanted to focus on the people, their principles and using the best technologies and marketing tools available. Developing his brokerage, with this combination of resources, Rosano believed he would make a positive impact in the commercial industry.

Rosano founded Rosano Associates in 2002. Four years into existence he pushed forward and incorporated his business as a new company, Rosano Partners. He then took his newly established brand, and well developed business plan, and molded his company into an exciting and beloved commercial real estate brokerage.

"Rosano Partners has initiated, brokered, and executed over $350 million of real estate transactions"